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Hello everyone! This is a Beihang solid state physics course for Bachelor students majored in Physics, please feel free to explore the website. Have fun!

A beautiful Azurite crystal: Quantum Material with Spin Frustration


Due to the coronavirus epidemic in 2020 spring:

  • Watch the online SSP course video and read related materials (textbook, slides) before due discussion hours.

  • Discussion Time: Every Tuesday and Friday, 10:00 - 11:30 am, through Tencent Meeting.

  • Homework.

Wei Li, Associate Prof. Dr.

School of Physics, Beihang

19-Feb-2020, Beijing.


Chapter 0: Introduction [2 hours]

  • Solid States, Condensed Matter, and Quantum Matter
  • Structure, Property, and Performance
  • Theory of Everything

Chapter 1: Crystal Structures [6 hours]

  • Bravais lattice
  • Basis, primitive vector/cell, and conventional unit cell
  • Reciprocal Lattice and Miller index

Chapter 2: X-Ray Diffraction [4 hours]

  • Laue formula
  • Bragg’s law
  • Geometric and form factors

Chapter 3: Crystal Binding [6 hours]

  • Cohesive energy and classification of solids
  • Ionic crystal and Madelung constants,
  • Covalent crystal and valence bond
  • molecular crystal and Leonard-Jones potential

Chapter 4 Defects in Crystals [2 hours]

  • Classification of defects
  • Point defects and its thermodynamics and color center
  • Dislocation and crystal growth

Chapter 5 Hamonic Crystal [14 hours]

  • Classical theory of hamonic crystals
  • Quantum theory of harmonic crystals
  • Debye and Einstain Models
  • Phonons and lattice thermodynamics, anharmonic effects

Chapter 6 Metals [12 hours]

  • Drude theory and electric resistivity
  • Sommerfeld theory
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Free electron gas and Fermi liquid
  • Hall effect and free electron Landau level

Chapter 7 Band Theory I [12 hours]

  • Periodic potential and Bloch theorem
  • Fermi surface and Brillouin zone
  • Tight-binding model
  • Nearly free electrons
  • Band structure

Chapter 8 Band Theory II [4 hours]

  • Semiclassical motion of band electrons
  • Band electrons in an electric field: metals, insulators, and semiconductors
  • Band electrons in a magnetic field: de Hass-van Alphen Effect

Chapter 9 Magnetism and Superconductivity [2 hours]

  • Diamagnetism, paramagnetism, Magnetic order, and Curie’s law

  • Critical temperature and superconductivity gap

  • Persistent current, the Meissner effect, and the London equation

  • Brief introduction to the BCS theory